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Martha Gilbert

CPhT, Pharmacy Technician and Accounts Manager

Martha Gilbert was in born in Lynchburg Va, and graduated from Rustburg High School in 1996. She went on to study to become a nail technician and received her license in 1997. She then decided to further her education in the medical field and received her certified nursing assistant license in 2000 and her pharmacy technician certificate from the National Business College, becoming a certified pharmacy technician (CPHT) in 2005. Prior to arriving at Rustburg Pharmacy she worked for a Retail Chain for 5 years. Martha has been a technician/manager at Rustburg Family Pharmacy since 2008. She enjoys working with the Rustburg Pharmacy family and helping to provide good customer service. Martha is the proud mother of two boys Jaidian and Sh’mar who motivate her to be her best every day.