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Vince Ettare

Pharm D, Owner/Pharmacist

Vince Ettare was raised in the suburbs of Richmond. He received a Bachelors of Science in Biology from James Madison University in 1998 and received a Pharmacy Doctorate from MCV/VCU in 2003. He always knew that he had an entrepreneurial spirit. School is where he met his wife and the love of his life and they now have three beautiful girls together. "They teach me so much every day!" he says. He and his family attend Timberlake United Methodist Church and enjoy being active members there. He enjoys participating in community events and playing games and doing crafts with his girls. He also enjoys working with customers to help them make the most of their experience.

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Jodi Ettare

Pharm D, Owner/Pharmacist

Jodi Ettare is a Lynchburg native, graduated from Brookville High School and received a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Virginia Tech. After receiving her Pharmacy Doctorate, Jodi Ettare completed a residency in Pharmacy Primary Care through affiliation with the University of North Carolina and New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC. She has been an Associate Editor for a national medical publication, an educator of physicians at the Lynchburg Family Medicine Residency Program, a retail pharmacy manager, and a hospital pharmacist prior to joining the family business at East Lake Pharmacy, then Rustburg Family Pharmacy and finally to her hometown community location, Timberlake Family Pharmacy. She finds being a pharmacist very rewarding and she enjoys getting to know and working with her staff and customers. She is proud to be a Girl Scout Leader to around 20 young girls ranging from Kindergarten to 4th grade, including 3 of her own. She is an active member of Timberlake United Methodist Church and volunteers in many roles including Children’s Choir Director. Jodi enjoys singing, playing piano, and spending time with her family and friends.

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Ed Breslow

RPh, Owner/Pharmacist

Ed Breslow graduated from the University of Florida’s pharmacy school in 1990. After a 20+ year career at Target Corporation, he teamed up with Vince and Jodi at Rustburg Family Pharmacy and, now, Timberlake Family Pharmacy. His career with Target including various leadership positions held over the years was a great developmental tool to set him up for future success within Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy. Ed is a father to three beautiful daughters, twins that are off to college and a high schooler still at home. Although he enjoys being a pharmacist and the challenges of the compounding lab, Ed has many interests outside of work. Ed preaches a healthy mind and healthy body mantra and tries to model that behavior in his every day life. He is an avid hiker, and runner, and is involved in several community events including volunteering at the Free Clinic downtown for 15+ years and serving as race director for a local 5K raising money for local veterans for past 6 years. Ed’s mission is to one day live out the words of the statement he read on a stadium wall: “Your first obligation is to your family, and your second is to the community in which you live.”

Bonita Johnson.jpg

Bonita Johnson

RPh. Staff Pharmacist

Bonita Johnson has been with Rustburg Family Pharmacy for 5 years. Prior to working at Rustburg Family Pharmacy, she worked for a mass market pharmacy as well as local independents for a total of over 15 years. She has a business degree with a major in Marketing and a minor in Chemistry and received her pharmacy degree from The Medical College of Virginia where she had exposure to both hospital and retail pharmacy settings. Bonita enjoys being a part of her local church where she teaches Sunday school and spoiling her nieces and nephews.

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Michelle Daley

CPhT, Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Technician

Michelle joined the Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy team in September 2014. In her current position, she is responsible for many of the behind the scenes tasks at the pharmacy in addition to managing the sterile lab and assisting as a pharmacy technician. Michelle graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors of Science in 2012 and went on to become nationally certified as a pharmacy technician by the EXCPT and PTCE while working for a large retail pharmacy in her home state of Iowa. In 2014, Michelle relocated back to Lynchburg in preparation for marrying her now husband, Ryan. She loves the chance that working for Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy gives her to be involved in complex patient treatments and to help patients in ways that her previous retail pharmacy experience did not allow. She loves spending time with her husband, hiking, enjoying nature, playing the piano, reading, and relaxing.

Brittany White.jpg

Brittany White

CPhT, Compounding Pharmacy Technician

Brittany was raised in Appomattox County, where she still resides. She is a 2004 graduate from Appomattox County High School with an advanced honors diploma. Brittany has taken classes at CVCC and National Business College, and has been a Pharmacy Tech since 2008. Prior to joining the Rustburg Family Pharmacy team in March 2013, she did her on-site training at an independent pharmacy in Appomattox and then went on to become the lead tech at a mass merchant pharmacy, where she worked for 5 years. Her current position at Timberlake Family Pharmacy is managing the non-sterile compound lab. She is responsible for data entry and insurance billing of compound prescriptions. Brittany enjoys her job because she gets to know the patients on a personal level and loves being able to help patients with their personalized medication needs. Brittany has two beautiful children, Landon and Emily. She enjoys getting out in the yard and playing ball with her kids. When she is not at work, you can find her at a ballfield, cheering on her son’s youth ball teams.

Renee Guthrie.jpg

Renee Guthrie

CPhT, Compounding Pharmacy Technician

Renee Guthrie has been with Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy since 2010. Renee started her pharmacy career working for a large mass market pharmacy and currently has over twenty years of related pharmacy experience. Her main responsibilities include making personalized medications from their base ingredients, organization and management of lab equipment, and prescription filing, Renee enjoys spending time with her 3 grown sons and 4 grandchildren.

Jessie Sax.jpg

Jessie Sax

CPhT, Compounding Pharmacy Technician

Jessie Sax joined the Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy team in 2015. She received her training at a mass market pharmacy and has been a technician since 2012. Jessie spends her days making personalized meds for patients which include hormone creams, capsules, and nasal sprays just to name a few. She prides herself in her excellent work, and hopes to make a difference with each individual compounded medication. Jessie has been happily married to her best friend Joey for 6 years now. They have 2 sweet little boys. Aiden and Ethan and a dog named Roxy. Jessie believes that coming to work at the pharmacy is just like going home with family. It is her goal to really make you feel welcome.

Heather Wilcox.jpg

Heather Wilcox

CPhT, Pharmacy Technician

Heather Wilcox is a nationally certified pharmacy technician who joined Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy in 2015. She was born and raised in Ashland, KY and relocated to Virginia in 2004. Prior to joining the Rustburg/Timberlake team, Heather received her national certification in 2002, and continued her career at a mass merchant retail store. Heather is typically found running the Drop Off (Data Entry) counter of the retail pharmacy which includes receiving, entering, and billing non-compounded prescriptions. Heather also manages the “Smart Fill” program. Heather is happily married and has 3 beautiful daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family and cheering for the University of Kentucky and the University of Virginia athletic programs.

Martha Gilbert.jpg

Martha Gilbert

CPhT, Pharmacy Technician and Accounts Manager

Martha Gilbert was in born in Lynchburg Va, and graduated from Rustburg High School in 1996. She went on to study to become a nail technician and received her license in 1997. She then decided to further her education in the medical field and received her certified nursing assistant license in 2000 and her pharmacy technician certificate from the National Business College, becoming a certified pharmacy technician (CPHT) in 2005. Prior to arriving at Rustburg Pharmacy she worked for a Retail Chain for 5 years. Martha has been a technician/manager at Rustburg Family Pharmacy since 2008. She enjoys working with the Rustburg Pharmacy family and helping to provide good customer service. Martha is the proud mother of two boys Jaidian and Sh’mar who motivate her to be her best every day.

Jason Ross.jpg

Jason Ross

Pharmacy Technician

Jason Ross joined the Rustburg/Timberlake Pharmacy team in December of 2014. Jason grew up in Lynchburg, VA and graduated from E.C. Glass High School then went on to CVCC, where he ultimately graduated from the Pharmacy Technician Program in 2007. Prior to joining the team, Jason departed a company after being employed for 6 years. Although his work was fulfilling, changes in management, and doubt's in terms of the stability of the business had him thinking of a new beginning. Jason is primarily responsible for filling medications in the production area. Other duties include maintaining stock by ordering from contracted vendors, signing for and breaking down any orders that arrive in store, and occasionally filling in as front store clerk. When not working, Jason enjoys traveling, watching or attending sporting events, and spending time with family and friends.

Brian Moore.jpg

Brian Moore

Front Store Manager

Brian Moore was born and raised in the Lynchburg area. As a teenager he began working part-time at a chain pharmacy and it didn’t take him long to realize that retail would be his calling. He worked his way up through various positions within the company and in 1992 was promoted to Store Manager. Brian has seen many changes in the industry over the years, but still believes there is one thing that will never change: customers deserve world class service, quality, and value in the front end. Delivering on that has been his commitment for over 24 years. Brian and his wife live in Campbell County and have one son. He and his wife live in Monroe, VA. When not working, Brian’s passion is youth ministry. He and his wife head up the Teen Program at their church, mentoring and working with teens ages 13-19.

Rhonda Scharnus.jpg

Rhonda Scharnus

RN, Clinical Account Manager

Rhonda is a graduate of Lynchburg General School of Nursing. She has practiced as a Registered Nurse for the past 28 years. Her nursing experience includes hospital nursing, school nurse, physician office nurse, nursing home MDS coordinator, staff in servicing, and marketing. Rhonda is married to her husband Mike and has three children, Abby, Clayton, and Delaney, and a dog named Lucy. When she is not working, she is spending time with her family. Areas of interest are shopping, sports, and treasure hunting for vintage items. She is a Rustburg High School graduate and loves the feel of living in a small town.

Jane Hill.jpg

Jane Hill

RN, Patient Service Representative

Jane Hill is a registered nurse who joined the Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy team in 2016. From the age of 3, Jane knew she wanted to be a registered nurse. In May of 1984, the Lord helped her to realize that dream when she graduated from Lynchburg General-Marshall Lodge School of Professional Nursing. The journey has been so rewarding, with many memorable moments. Her experience includes cardiac care, emergency room, home health, private duty, and mother-baby care, of which caring for newborn babies has been her favorite. Today, she is proud to be a member of the Rustburg Family Pharmacy team, where she works as a Customer Service Representative. Jane loves being a part of an agency that truly cares about their patients, and believes that customer service is of utmost importance. Jane has three (mostly) grown sons who are the loves of her life, and considers it a true honor to have been chosen to be their Mother. Sewing, reading, baking, traveling, and photography are some of her most favorite hobbies, but MUSIC is her passion!

Marco Pannell.jpg

Marco Pannell

Delivery Services

Marco Pannell joined the Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy team in February 2010. He was born and raised in Gladys Virginia and is a 2004 graduate of William Campbell High School. Formally, Marco has worked in manufacturing, production, and retail sales. He currently serves as the delivery driver for Rustburg and Timberlake Family Pharmacy. Any patient that meets Marco will tell you that he is amazing with patients and is one of the most compassionate and caring people you will ever meet. He loves the interactions with the patients that is a major part of his role with Rustburg /Timberlake. Marco is married to his beautiful wife of 10 years, Crystal, and they have two amazing daughters, Leila and Leikin . He enjoys riding his motorcycle, fishing, lifting weights, and watching sports.

Ava Mitchell.jpg

Ava Mitchell

Pharmacy Technician/Clerk

Ava Mitchell joined the Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy team in 2008. She came to Rustburg Family Pharmacy with 20 years of experience in the medical field. She loves meeting and interacting with people and enjoys helping customers with good, timely service. Ava believes that the Rustburg/Timberlake pharmacy staff are some of the finest people she has ever had the pleasure of working with. Ava loves doing crafts- especially quilting- and is an avid reader. She loves spending time with family- especially spoiling her two great grandchildren, Kenady and Liam. The true Joy of her life is her relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing her faith with others.


Heather Legge

CPhT, Compounding Pharmacy Technician

Heather Legge joined the Rustburg/Timberlake Family Pharmacy team in the fall of 2016. She received her pharmacy training at a mass market pharmacy in early 2016 after working as an EMT. She initially received her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health Policy from Wells College and intends to do graduate work in Global Public Health. Heather provides personal care for patients by making compounded medications designed to fit each person’s particular needs. As someone who receives specialized compounded medication each day, Heather is very excited to provide this similar service to patients in the Lynchburg and surrounding community. She knows how much this type of care is needed. Heather has two amazing daughters (Catherine and Lindsey), two cats, and a hedgehog. Heather puts her whole heart into her work and really enjoys the feeling of being a part of a small, family owned pharmacy where not only the employees are welcomed into the family, but the patients are as well.